Anonymous asked:

Hey love the blog.i would love to start travelling this year but I'm struggling to work out how people afford to travel so much ?!!! I work full time, and I still struggle to save. Can you give me any tips ? How do you get income while travelling ? Would I be best of getting a huge loan or working in every country I go to ?! Any tips and/or life experiences are appreciated ! Thank you so much (:

backpackersguidetoearth answered:

Hey there. Travel is certainly not a cheap hobby to have that is for sure, but with that said, there are ways to make it work. A month or so ago I created a series of posts for those who are new to travel called ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking’. There are lots of tips and advice in those posts.

And specifically for your question, one of the posts was about ‘Finding Money To Travel’.

I hope that helps, my friend!